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04 January 2023 · 20 Min Read

Astrology with LC

Candice Young

Astrologer, Moon-lover and empowerment coach. Her passion is helping people discover their purpose and unique
blueprint through their birth chart. We are slowly coming back to the wisdom of the cosmos as a guide for life.

Follow @ninthouseastrology on Instagram or email
candice@ninthhouseastro.com to book your birth chart reading and
much much more.

Astrology for January 2023

And once again that’s it for another year. And chances are it wasn’t the one you expected either. If you have planets in
the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aquarius) you would have felt this particularly strongly in your life and looking
forward to some of the changes January will bring.

In the final weeks of December saw the Winter Solstice, where Capricorn season comes to help us build a tangible plan
with its big boss CEO earth energy. Whilst it may be true the Capricornian people in your life can be droll, ambitious and
a tad controlling, if you can embrace this sign your New Year’s resolutions have a hope of lasting beyond February!

If you were smart enough to give yourself a head start on the new year’s resolutions; the best way to work with the
energy is to plan your goals all the way into the
Spring Solstice at the end of March.
Why then you ask? Well, there will be a SUPER conjunction of 4 planets (Jupiter, Chiron, Venus and Mercury) happening
to bring those plans to life so it’s great to think ahead as March / April will see many of us being propelled forward.

Remember fortune favours the brave!

Mercury has stationed retrograde in Capricorn until 18th so if you felt your New Year ‘big bang’ plans were more of a
whimper, don’t worry! Mercury and Mars both in retrograde right now actually is calling us into a more controlled and
thoughtful approach.

We can already feel the energy of 2023 is different to 2022. Whilst changes continue to play out in the outer world, we
are finally getting a peek into how we might create our individual and collective futures a big theme for 2023

The start of year energy is also greatly amplified by Jupiter starting a brand new 12-year cycle in Aries.
From December 2022 until May 2023, we have 5 months of big Aries energy lighting up the world. Check out where
Aries sit in your birth chart this is the area of life that is about to get a serious boost of luck and confidence especially
at that March super stellium.

Finally on 9th January, we have a Full Moon in its home sign of Cancer. This will be a lovely nurturing moon to start the
year on and expect a lot of sensitivity around. The Sun and Moon are in aspect to the beautiful asteroid Chiron which
points to our deepest wounding and healing. Why not choose to do something feminine and nurturing with the women
in your life and really make the most of lady Luna’s energy.

“Let last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice.
- TS Eliot