5 Reasons Why LC Elevate Is Your New Best Gym Buddy!

Hey Girl!

We’ve been listening, watching, testing and trying on every piece of fabric to make sure the end FIT is perfect! We’ve taken our favorite wardrobe staples and enhanced them into a heightened version designed with you in mind.

Thus, our Elevate line was born. A collection that gives you the confidence to tackle everyday activities and transform them into extraordinary ones. We want to give you the power to overcome anything, whether it’s doing a 90kg squat, perfecting that Asana flow, or simply getting the kids to bed on time.

We see you juggling 1287645 things, and we want you to be the best, elevated version of yourself as you seamlessly switch from one activity onto the other! Still not convinced? Well, we’ve drawn up a list of reasons why LC Elevate is the collection for you and how it helps empower everyone to be the best version of themselves!

1. It's made with our signature moisture-wicking fabric

What is moisture-wicking, you may ask? Well, it is a type of fabric that mainly serves two purposes. The first one is that it quickly moves the sweat to the fabric’s outer layer (wicking). The second is that it dries the sweat soon, absorbing the moisture away from the skin and keeping you comfortably dry during those high-intensity workouts.

2. Creates a sleek look with two different legging lengths

Introducing our new variety of ⅞ leggings, which, as the name says, is ⅛ shorter than full-length leggings and a bit longer than cropped leggings! These types of leggings offer a sleek and elongated look down to your ankles! So wear them and see the difference!

3. Gives a instant peach-approved booty lift

You're booty-ful just the way you are! But having an outfit that instantly booty lifts your peach also does help! Especially when they come in the gorgeous colours of Rose, Khaki and Black, which you can mix and match according to your style and the activity for the day! For instance, going to run errands suddenly does not seem like a chore anymore!

4. The Sports bras that are super-supportive 

That’s right, girlfriend! Our LC Elevate Sports Bra is your new support system at the gym. Not only do they come in super-soft fabrics, but they also provide breathability during your training (whether it's high-intensity, medium or low). In addition, they can be great as a Sports bra and great as a crop top, whichever mood you’re feeling!

5. Meet other empowered women through our Elevate  Ambassador Program

We are stronger together and would like to create a unity of women who share our values for uplifting others! We envision a community of women with real influence coming together to share their passion and knowledge from a holistic approach providing wellness to the mind, body and soul. If this sounds like you, register and sign up for your profile: https://lcouture.com/pages/lc-elevate


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