The Different Type of Girls At The Gym (Sex & the City Edition)

The rumours are true! Sex & the City reboot is happening and very soon. The 10-episode limited edition series is going to be called "And Just Like That…", launching this fall. The four lead characters were known for their funniness, and we can't wait to see their iconic fashion styles on our screens once again.

To celebrate the release of the new series, the LC team have matched each character's unique personality and style to which type of LCgirl they would be at the gym. Keep reading to see our take on the characters, and let us know which one you relate to the most?

Never one to skip a workout class, Samantha is adventure-driven and motivated to try every class on the schedule. She would most likely be wearing a bright set from our Vitality collection to make sure she is still looking fashionable even in the most high-intensity workouts.

Charlotte is a bit of a traditionalist, so she is always down for a session of Pilates or yoga. Always dressed in a classic girly style, she would love the feminine details on our Serenity Seamless collection, which come in 4 distinct colours: French navy, mindful green, fresh cream and mid-cool grey.

Carrie lives each day as it comes, so she would hit the gym whenever she felt like it. However, as the most fashion-focused character, she would only be seen in the never-seen-before-styles. That's why we have matched her to our Energy collection, which includes a cocktail of bright colours, asymmetric bras and cycle shorts.

Miranda is more interested in getting the maximum result at the gym as she doesn't have the time to be in there long! She would turn to the most supportive and comfortable sets that she could always trust. That's why she would choose Elevate Core collection, which aims to suit every body shape by offering three lengths of legging and a size range from XS-XXL.


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